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Call for Papers: Fighting Inequality: Class, Race, and Power (Georgetown University), proposal deadline: Oct 15

Fighting Inequality: Class, Race, and Power (CFP Deadline: October 15)

May 28-31, 2015. Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Joint Conference of the Labor and Working-Class History Association and the Working-Class Studies Association.

Call for Applications: Multiple Labor Studies Scholarships and Prizes for Graduate Students (due: June 16, 2014)

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies is offering the following scholarships and prizes for graduate students in the field of Labor Studies. All submissions and applications are due June 16, 2014.

Scholarships and Prizes for Graduate Students

Martha H. Duggan Fellowship in Caring Labor

Up to $10,000  for Graduate Students                           Deadline: June 16, 2014

Call for Applications: Research Grants from Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies (Due: June 16, 2014)

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies seeks proposals from University of Washington graduate students for grants of $1,500-$2,500, for research about work, workers, and their organizations.

Research may focus on any dimension of labor in the United States or abroad, including but not limited to class relations, the social conditions of work, the labor process, working-class culture or politics, work and gender, work and race/ethnicity, the relationship between labor and the state, unions, or comparative international labor relations.

Prof. James Gregory featured in CNN piece on Washington State and Workers' Rights

University of Washington History Professor James Gregory, director of the Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects, was recently featured in a CNN article titled "Washington State and Worker's Rights: Two Peas in a Pod." The article explores why Washington state has been "lengths ahead of other states when it comes to worker pay, benefits, and workplace protections." To answer this question, the author asserts, "you have to go to the history books." We couldn't agree more.

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Call for Papers: Work: The Politics of Laboring in American History (Feb. 3 deadline)

Work: The Politics of Laboring in American History
Graduate Student Conference in US History, University of Michigan Department of History
May 9-10, 2014

Application materials due February 3, 2014

Call for Papers - 2014 Midwest Labor and Working-Class History (MLWCH) Colloquium

In this neoliberal era, some scholars have noted an ascendant individualism and the decline of traditional solidarities. Yet in many settings, collective identities—based in class, race, nation, faith, sexuality, etc.—retain enormous significance for both defenders and critics of capitalism. These identities are often rooted in a sense of shared history. With this in mind, this year’s colloquium will explore collective identities and their relation to historical memory. We ask, what kinds of solidarities have been forged by working people, and how have these solidarities been challenged and reconfigured? How have actors across the political spectrum deployed collective identities and linked them to ideas about the past? How do acts of remembering and forgetting shape working people’s struggles? And what can the practice of history contribute to today’s progressive social movements?

Pacific Northwest Labour History Association Call for Presentations, Workshops, and Papers

The 44th Annual Conference of the Pacific Northwest Labour History Association (PNLHA) takes place in the historic village of Cumberland, B.C., June 13-15, 2014. The conference is held in conjunction with Cumberland’s own Miners Memorial Weekend, which commemorates the thousands of miners who were killed and injured in the coal fields of Vancouver Island, while celebrating the spirit of resistance of labour leaders like Ginger Goodwin and Joe Naylor.

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