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Highlighted Courses for Autumn 2016

HSTRY 288 Elections as History

Every four years, the battle to win the U.S. presidency captures the attention of American voters, reporters, and observers all over the world. In this seminar, we will place today’s candidates and debates in historical context by exploring the evolution of presidential campaigns and candidates since the late nineteenth century. We address how shifting demographics, market changes, and social issues changed the composition of the major national parties over time, how successive generations of “new” media reshaped how to run and win, and the personalities and social movements that remade the political landscape. Through readings of primary and secondary sources, group discussion and project work, and original research, our work in this seminar will also give you practice in the basic skills of critical reading, data analysis, and communication (both verbal and written) that are central to the practice of history.

HSTLAC 185 Latin-American Social History

Explores the power struggles generated by imperial expansion, colonialism, and processes of nation-formation (1400 to the present) in the forging of Latin America and the Caribbean. Examines how gender, race, sex, and class became crucial means to sustain, navigate, and challenge domination as well as to imagine alternative futures.

HSTAFM 152 African History from 1880

Examines Africa's pasts from approximately 1880 to the present. Through the theme of the politics of wealth, explores the history of European colonization, African social and cultural life under colonial rule, anti-colonial movements and decolonization, and the changes and challenges of the post-colonial present.

HSTAA 337 Holocaust & American Life

In most accounts, "the Holocaust" is told as a European story, but it was also transatlantic. Incorporates film, literature, journalism, social scientific writing, diaries, court cases, and other primary sources to examine how events in Europe affected and were affected by developments in United States history. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 337.

HSTCMP 259 Race & Slavery in Colonial Americas

Surveys development of racial slavery across North, South Americas, Caribbean from 1500-1800. Comparative examination of slavery exploring how slavery supported colonization making European settlement across Americas viable; how ideas about racial difference developed, operated differently; how enslaved peoples' resistance to bondage helped abolish slavery in Americas by late 1800s.

HSTAS 202 Intro to Modern South Asia

The Islamic impact, British conquest, and contemporary India. Emphasis on the rise of nationalism, social organization, and contemporary life and history. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 202.

HSTEU 276 Postwar Europe and Film

Explores efforts to reconstruct Europe and European identity after 1945. Assesses the successes and failures of these efforts. Addresses themes of poverty and affluence, postwar justice, Americanization, expansion and collapse of communism, decolonization, migration, and ongoing ethnic tensions that threatened new forms of warfare. Explores the history uses of film.

HSTAM 111 The Ancient World

Origins of Western civilization to the fall of Rome.

HSTAA 231 Race and American History

Surveys United States history, by exploring how race has enabled conceptions of the American nation and shaped everyday practices and interactions among different peoples. How have racial concepts, representations, and practices fundamentally defined power dynamics in American culture? From slave revolts to the Black Lives Matter movement, how have organizations and individuals struggled to pursue racial justice?

HSTEU 376 Modern Irish History

Political and social history from 1800 to the present; the Irish Question after the Act of Union; development of Irish nationalism in the Home Rule and Sinn Fein periods; the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland since 1921; current problems in Northern Ireland.