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Case 1: Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

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A When performing a fluorescent antibody (FA) and culture for HSV, scraping the base of the lesion will provide a higher yield than obtaining exudative fluid.

This answer is correct, but another answer is also correct. Because HSV is an intracellular virus, the yield of either fluorescent antibody (FA) or culture is significantly greater if a substantial number of cells are obtained when collecting the specimen. Direct HSV antigen testing with either FA, EIA, or PCR can provide rapid results (within 24 hours). Culture for HSV is very sensitive and virus will typically grow in 1-4 days.

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B The most appropriate therapy for this lesion would be valganciclovir (Valcyte) 900 mg PO bid x 4 weeks.
C The diagnosis of chronic (longer than 4 weeks) ulcerative herpes simplex is an AIDS-defining condition, regardless of CD4 cell count.
D Answers A and C are correct.

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