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Case 3: Appropriate Serologic Testing

You answered:

D Venereal Disease Research Lab (VDRL) or Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR)

This answer is correct, but other answers are also correct. Screening for syphilis, with VDRL or RPR testing, is indicated at baseline and yearly in all HIV-infected patients. This is especially important among those who engage in male-male sex, those with a history of a sexually-transmitted disease, and those who have unprotected sex. Rates of syphilis among those who have male-male sex have increased for the past few years, likely indicating reduced adherence to safer sexual practices since the advent of HAART.

Choose another answer:

A anti-Toxoplasma IgG
B Hepatitis A, B, and C serologies
C anti-Histoplasma IgG
E A, B, and D

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