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Case 5: Nonoccupational Exposure to HIV

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D Studies have shown that offering PEP in this setting will lead to an increase in unsafe sexual behavior.

This answer is incorrect. Available data suggest that persons who receive PEP for sexual exposure to HIV do not increase their risk behavior for acquiring HIV. Studies performed to date have actually documented an overall decrease in subsequent risk behavior in individuals who received PEP for a sexual exposure to HIV.

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A Antiviral PEP should not be recommended in this case because the source patient recently had an HIV RNA level less than 50 copies/ml.
B Nevirapine (Viramune) should not be used as part of an antiviral PEP regimen after sexual exposure to HIV.
C The 2005 DHHS guidelines for antiviral PEP after sexual exposure to HIV recommend less aggressive antiretroviral regimens than those used for occupational PEP exposure, because all sexual exposures carry a markedly lower risk of HIV transmission than do percutaneous exposures to HIV.

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