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Case 2: Screening for High-risk Behavior

You answered:

D Open-ended questions that broach topics such as condom use are ineffective in obtaining useful information regarding sexual history.

This answer is incorrect. Open-ended, non-biased questions are very effective in initiating an open discussion of sexual risk behavior. "Tell me about your experience with condoms" is an example of an easy, open-ended question to initiate a discussion of condom use.

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A If he told you he had a steady partner for the past 5 years, it would not be necessary to obtain additional information regarding sexual history.
B Although his diabetes control and response to antiviral medications should be addressed during this visit, screening for high-risk behavior related to HIV transmission should also ideally be performed during the initial clinic visit.
C Patient-administered questionnaires and computer-assisted screening for sexual risk behavior have minimal value since they typically yield reports of fewer sexual high-risk behaviors than those obtained through a face-to-face interview with a clinician.

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