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Case 3: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Screening in HIV-infected Individuals

You answered:

E Only HIV-infected men who have sex with men (MSM) should be routinely screened for syphilis.

This answer is incorrect. Within the past decade, the incidence of syphilis has risen dramatically among HIV-infected MSM. The incidence of syphilis is also high among other persons living with HIV. Thus, all sexually active HIV-infected persons should be screened at least annually for syphilis. More frequent screening may be indicated based on periodic risk assessment.

A She is asymptomatic, so STD screening is not indicated.
B Genital chlamydia screening is not necessary because she is older than 25.
C Women with HIV are at low risk for asymptomatic trichomonas infection, so screening for this infection is not recommended.
D Men and women who report receptive anal intercourse should receive screening for rectal chlamydia.

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