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Case 4: STDs and HIV Transmission

You answered:

D Treatment of common sexually transmitted infections that cause cervicitis, including chlamydia and trichomoniasis, in HIV-infected women has not been shown to decrease genital shedding of HIV.

This answer is incorrect. The treatment of cervicitis caused by common STDs in HIV-infected women significantly reduces their genital HIV viral load.

A The presence of genital lesions caused by HSV in an HIV-infected person confers a major increase (up to 4-fold) in the risk of HIV transmission to a HIV-negative partner.
B If this patient’s HIV-negative sexual partner has a history of genital herpes, her current HSV infection would not place him at increased risk of acquiring HIV.
C Among sexually transmitted pathogens, only those organisms that cause genital ulcer disease are associated with an increased risk of HIV transmission.

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