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Updated October 24, 2006

Case 5: Partner Notification and Counseling Services for HIV

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A 44-year-old man with newly diagnosed HIV infection presents to establish care for his HIV disease. He underwent rapid HIV testing 2 weeks ago during a visit to the emergency room for treatment of a soft tissue abscess and tested positive for HIV. During the past year, he has shared injection equipment with multiple partners and has had unprotected vaginal intercourse with 5 women. He has not told any sexual or injection partners of his HIV diagnosis. Although he recognizes that he may have exposed others to HIV, he does not want to disclose his HIV status to them.

Which of the following is TRUE regarding partner notification and counseling referral services (PCRS) for HIV?

A Clinicians do not need to discuss PCRS with their patients because health departments in most jurisdictions in the United States will automatically contact all patients with a new diagnosis of HIV to discuss partner notification.
B In most locations, PCRS is not offered to injection-drug partners of patients with HIV.
C With provider referral, which involves someone other than the patient notifying the partner of an HIV exposure, patient information is rarely kept confidential.
D On average, fewer than 20 patients diagnosed with HIV need to be interviewed to identify a undiagnosed case of HIV.