Your privacy is important to HIV Web Study, a project of the Northwest AIDS Education and Training Center and the University of Washington. The following sections summarize and disclose the information gathering and dissemination practices for our Web site,

Privacy and the Feedback Survey

The HIV Web Study website contains an optional, self-administered, online feedback survey. On our site, the survey is located in the Feedback header. The survey includes questions regarding the user’s geographic location, their employment, and specific feedback regarding the HIV Web Study site. The purpose of this feedback survey is to help us better understand the type and location of medical providers who are using the site and to evaluate comments from our users to improve our site. In this survey, we do not collect personally identifiable information.

System Logs for

System logs record information about the webpages served, including the URL of search engine used and text string, the browser identification, and the Web pages viewed. In addition, host information (either domain name or Internet Protocol address) can be accessed. The Internet Protocol address, however, does not identify you personally, but rather identifies the location you are computing from. We do collect IP addresses from those visiting our Web site to help diagnose problems with our server and to optimize the performance of our site. The information regarding the specific Internet Protocol address of the user will not be shared and will not be used to send any advertisements. With respect to Ad Servers, we do not have any relationship with any Ad Servers, nor do we intend to engage in any such relationships.

Privacy and CE

The CE for HIV Web Study is administered through the University of Alabama School of Medicine Division of Continuing Medical Education and University of Washington School of Nursing, Continuing Nursing Education. The privacy policy for those users who choose to obtain CE credit is stated in the Privacy Policy section of each site.