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Case 3: HIV Infection in the Correctional Setting

You answered:

C Most incarcerated HIV-infected persons acquire their HIV infection while in prison or jail.

This answer is incorrect. Although rape, consensual sex, tattooing and injection drug use are thought to occur relatively frequently within correctional facilities, available data suggest that most inmates with HIV infection enter prison having previously acquired HIV in the community prior to arrest.

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A All incarcerated persons are required by law to undergo HIV testing upon entry to jail or prison.
B Female inmates have a higher prevalence of documented HIV infection than male inmates.
D The percentage of HIV-infected inmates who achieve undetectable HIV RNA levels (while receiving HAART in prison) is significantly lower than typically achieved by HIV-infected persons taking HAART in a community setting.
E All incarcerated persons who take HAART receive directly observed therapy (DOT) while in a correctional facility.

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