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Case 3: HIV Infection in the Correctional Setting

You answered:

E All incarcerated persons who take HAART receive directly observed therapy (DOT) while in a correctional facility.

This answer is incorrect. The procedure for distributing HIV medications varies among correctional facilities. Some administer directly observed therapy (DOT), whereas others give inmates a supply of medications to "keep on person" (KOP)—the term for self-administered therapy in the correctional system.

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A All incarcerated persons are required by law to undergo HIV testing upon entry to jail or prison.
B Female inmates have a higher prevalence of documented HIV infection than male inmates.
C Most incarcerated HIV-infected persons acquire their HIV infection while in prison or jail.
D The percentage of HIV-infected inmates who achieve undetectable HIV RNA levels (while receiving HAART in prison) is significantly lower than typically achieved by HIV-infected persons taking HAART in a community setting.

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