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Case 3: A 44-Year-Old with Unusual Changes in Physical Appearance

You answered:

A Worsening lipodystrophy caused by stavudine, fosamprenavir, and ritonavir.

This answer is incorrect. Although antiretroviral medication-induced lipodystrophy could explain some of the signs and symptoms observed in this patient, it would not account for the easy bruising, abdominal striae, hypertension, or worsening of his psychiatric symptoms. In addition, antiretroviral medication-induced lipodystrophy generally does not progress this rapidly.

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B Cushing’s syndrome caused by an interaction between fluticasone and ritonavir.
C Adrenal insufficiency caused by an interaction between fluticasone and dapsone.
D Weight gain caused by an interaction between risperidone and ritonavir.

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