2014 Call for Abstracts

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Center for AIDS Research Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women December 8-9, 2014 New Rochelle, NY USA

ABSTRACTS DUE October 20, 2014

The goal of the CFAR Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women is to identify gaps in knowledge in HIV and women’s research and develop strategies that will move the field forward.  In order to accomplish this goal we aim to generate collaborative activity between CFARs and other research networks, highlighting cutting edge science and promoting opportunities for young investigators. The meeting will consist of three sessions:

  • HIV Eradication and Avenues to a Cure
  • HIV Prevention
  • Clinical Disease and Comorbidities

We are soliciting abstracts for posters and oral presentations from junior and mid-level investigators at CFAR-affiliated institutions in each of the above three areas. Eligible applicants include doctoral students through assistant professor titles.  Abstracts must be no more than 350 words in length.  Review criteria include overall impact, contribution to the field of HIV in women, and relevance to one or more of the three session topics.

Some travel support (domestic and international) will be available based on need

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