Walid Heneine

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Walid Heneine is currently the Team Lead of Surveillance, Antiretroviral Prophylaxis, Drug Resistance, at the Laboratory Branch, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His research focuses on evaluating the efficacy of antiretroviral prophylaxis for HIV prevention using monkey models of rectal and vaginal transmission and identifying effective modalities that can inform clinical trial designs for systemic and topical prophylaxis.His lab also works on HIV drug resistance with a focus on transmitted drug resistance, its prevalence, virology, and persistence, and development of sensitive technologies for detecting minority resistance and assessing its clinical implications. Dr. Heneine’s lab also investigates the emergence and impact of new retroviruses and reported the discovery in humans of three novel retroviruses, the simian foamy viruses, and the human T lymphotropic viruses types 3 and 4.