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The CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS) research network is the first electronic medical records-based resource network poised to integrate clinical data from the large and diverse population of HIV-infected persons in the modern HAART era.  CNICS was funded in 2006 as an R24 award to provide a research infrastructure to support HIV clinical outcomes and comparative effectiveness research using data collected from patients receiving care at one of 8 US-funded Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) sites.
The UW CFAR HIV Specimen Repository
The HIV Specimen Repository is a collection of frozen plasma, PBMC, serum and PaxGene specimens donated by HIV infected patients cared for at the University of Washington HIV clinics (the Madison and Roosevelt Virology Clinics). Specimens are collected in Madison Clinic and in Roosevelt Clinic. Coded clinical data gleaned from the patients' electronic medical record is linked to specimens making translational studies on the virologic, immunologic, genetic and demographic determinants of HIV disease and associated opportunistic infections possible.
Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Immunology Clinic Database
The Immunology Clinic Data base (ICDB) is a relational database on a SQL server, hosted and maintained by the Lifespan Information Systems department. It contains demographic information on The Miriam Hospital Immunology Clinic patients as well as the histories of Clinic Medical and Social Services visits (from 2003), history of CD4 tests and results (from 1995), history of Viral Load (PVL) tests and results (from 1995), history of all other Annual test (from 2003), history of medical problems or diagnosis, and history of medications used (from 2003). Hepatitis (A/B/C) serology, vaccination, and treatment information is also maintained in ICDB.