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  • Helping immigrants cope with traumatic experience
     Amineh Ayyad, a Palestinian refugee, created Mothers Empowering Mothers to help immigrant women cope with escalating violence in their home countries http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2012/02/01/immigrant-trauma/
  • Class helps deaf Bhutanese refugees restart lives
     Dhan Biswakarma and his wife, Bee Biswakarma, who live in Kent, are among several deaf Bhutanese refugees who have been learning American Sign Language at Highline Community College http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2012/02/01/bhutanese-refugees/
  • For Somali women, health program eases the pain of war, exile
     Somali women have played a central role in keeping their often large families together during their migration out of Somalia, placing lots of stress and strain on their bodies. http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2011/04/18/for-somali-women-health-program-eases-the-pain-of-war-exile/
  • Free compact, expensive care
     Thanks to a special compact, Pacific Islanders are considered permanent residents but still denied healthcare. http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2010/11/18/free-compact-expensive-care/
  • Kin On Center treats by honoring Chinese culture
     It began with necessity, Sam Wan recalls. In a community forged with unity... http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2010/09/22/asians-overcome-cultural-stigmas-in-order-to-treat-alzheimer%e2%80%99s/
  • Helping immigrants learn to talk openly about AIDS
     For African immigrants, talking about AIDS in the U.S. is often difficult... http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2010/09/09/helping-immigrants-learn-to-talk-openly-about-aids/
  • Mien advocate draws on spirit healing, western medicine
  • At Harborview's leprosy clinic, doctors treat stigma along with the disease
     When the Filipina woman came to the small clinic at Harborview Medical Center, she was certain the skin lesions that darkened her body were lymphoma. http://depts.washington.edu/hjourn/2010/08/23/at-harborviews-leprosy-clinic-doctors-treat-stigma-along-with-the-disease/

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