Allergies and Climate Change?

By Teo Jion Chun

One of the concerns of veteran science journalist Joanne Silberner is the lack of reporting on climate change and health because the link between unusual events and climate change has yet to be established. The journalism lecturer at the University of Washington highlighted the occurrence of “pollen seasons” due to climate change noting recent reports supporting climate change and its effects.

On April 12, The Seattle Times reported a 2011 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report that says warmer temperatures and more rain will cause some plants to grow faster, bloom earlier and produce more pollen. The EPA expects “allergy seasons to begin earlier and last longer.”

Silberner hopes that that with more evidence people will see a connection between health and climate change.

About Roger Simpson

Roger Simpson is a professor of communication at the University of Washington and is the Dart Professor of Journalism and Trauma.
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