Jose Vargas speaks about undocumented immigrants at the University of Washington

Jose Vargas, a well-known journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, spoke to a communication class at the University of Washington on Tuesday about his status as an undocumented immigrant in America and efforts to change the stigma and laws surrounding illegal aliens.

His main goal? Expose the issues undocumented citizens face. Vargas “came out” as an undocumented citizen nearly a year ago in the New York Times, and he said he wants to “write my way into America.”

“I want to expose this issue and kind of take it out of the ghetto — the ghetto in our minds where this is relegated to,” Vargas said.

To do this, Vargas said the conversation starts with ordinary citizens, who he said need to accept that undocumented citizens like himself are not a threat.

“We can’t afford for people to be ignorant,” he added.

For more on what Vargas is up to, check out his website, Define American.


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