Welcome to Health Intersections, a news site connecting health issues around the globe with health conditions, research, treatment and education in the Puget Sound region and Washington State.  The site initially reflects reporting by journalism students in the Communication Department of the University of Washington in Seattle.  These projects were developed in a course during the spring of 2010 guided by Jim Simon, assistant managing editor of The Seattle Times, and Prof. Roger Simpson of the Communication Department, with support from the UW Global Health Department.  In time, other students will provide new reports, some reflecting their travels globally and others developed here in Seattle, and in time other cohorts of global-health-journalism students will pick up the baton.

We use the word “intersections” to emphasize that what seems “local” to us is also global, and to show that good journalism brings human experience from other parts of the world home to us here.  Share your thoughts about these developments and become a voice as we build an intersection between Seattle and the Puget Sound region, noted globally for its achievements in health research, treatment and epidemiology, and the rest of the globe.  Contact us at newsboy@uw.edu or comment on particular stories.

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