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HLAB Group Hike
Hike to Mount Si, April 2015. Mount Si was made famous in the TV show Twin Peaks, which was filmed close to Seattle in North Bend. From left to right: Gabriella Fenkart, Lucia Vojtech, Florian Hladik, Claire Levy, Sean Hughes.

IMG_2576Excursion to Discovery Park in Seattle, January 2017. From left to right: Claire Levy, Luca Vojtech, Lucia Vojtech, German Gornalusse, Florian Hladik, Alexandria Taber, Sean Hughes & Fernanda Calienes.

Florian Hladik, MD, PhD
fhladik at
Lake Blanca, Central Cascades, June 8th 2015
Lake Blanca, Central Cascades, June 8th 2015

Lucia Vojtech, PhD
Acting Assistant Professor, UW OBGYN
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Sean Hughes, BS, MA
Senior Staff Scientist
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Claire Levy, BS
Research Technologist
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Alexandria Taber, MS
Research Technologist
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Fernanda Calienes, BS
Research Technologist

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German Gornalusse, PhD
Acting Instructor, UW OBGYN
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Rogelio Valdez, BS
Research Technologist
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