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Helping Your Board Be The Best It Can Be

  • Is your board the right size for what it needs to do?
  • Does it have the right members?
  • Does the board truly understand its fiduciary responsibilities?
  • Do you have an explicit and strategic succession plan for developing new members?
  • Is there a board education plan to help the members stay current on what they need to know?
  • Does your board have a focus on quality as a competitive strategy?
  • Does your board truly understand its role in the maintenance of medical quality?

Boards are increasingly being asked to assume a wider fiduciary role with respect to the overall success of our healthcare systems. Although most boards have been successful in their efforts to monitor and plan for the financial future of their organizations, the role of boards in quality, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning has increased markedly.

Boards have the ultimate responsibility for promoting a vision of strategic quality and financial security, yet very few boards have initiated a governance development program. Understanding the board's role in promoting quality as an organizational strategy, assisting them with medical staff relations, and staying abreast of an increasingly complex regulatory environment are just a few of the challenges facing those who direct our healthcare organizations.

Our board development program is a systematic approach to making sure your board knows its role and that it executes its fiduciary duties efficiently and effectively. We can work with you to assess your board's current function against a checklist of national best practices in governance and help move your board to a higher level of functioning.