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The High Performing Medical Staff

  • How effective is your medical staff in promoting patient safety and quality?
  • Do you have a strong medical staff leadership structure?
  • Do you have a leadership training pipeline for future medical staff leadership?
  • Are you having difficulties wih disruptive physicians?
  • Do your medical staff members partner strongly with your administrators and clinic managers?

The public mandate for high quality in medical care is well-established. Physicians need to understand the basics of quality improvement and how they must partner with their operational colleagues in the establishment and execution of quality improvement goals.

Medical staff leadership retreats are a great way to move your group forward and to establish a focus on patient safety, clinical quality, quantitative peer review, culture change and focus on the future.

Our medical staff retreat process specializes in both large group experiences designed to influence physician culture around safety, quality and accountability as well as smaller leadership training sessions focusing on tactical managerial skills necessary to manage other physicians.

Here are some tips and topics for effective medical staff retreats