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Helping Organizations

  • Does your organization have a focus on quality as a competitive strategy?
  • Does your board truly understand its role in the maintenance of medical quality?
  • Do you have a strong medical staff leadership group which vigorously focuses on medical quality?
  • Are your physicians true partners in the management and success of your organization?
  • Do you have a medical staff leadership development plan to ensure a continuous stream of high quality medical leaders?
  • Do you have one or more physicians who are impaired or behaviorally challenging?
  • Have you given thought to succession planning in your key administrative positions?

In addition to serving individual physicians and senior leaders in their personal leadership development the Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance has programs for the systematic development of organizational quality and leadership. The most successful healthcare organizations have moved to quality as a strategy, with an intense focus on physician and administrative leadership development, succession planning, and the fostering of vibrant partnerships between medical staff and administrators.

At a time of declining revenues, increasing expenses, and mounting regulatory oversight it may at first seem counterintuitive to think about growing any program. Nevertheless, investments in leadership development, career satisfaction and physician-administrator partnerships yield substantial returns. Satisfied physicians who are aligned with the organization's leadership around the quality mission are more productive, loyal, and engaged. We can help to increase the satisfaction and alignment of key medical leaders with your overall strategies, as well as provide guidance for physicians who are regarded as disruptive or involved in contentious peer review issues.

A knowledgeable and visionary board is a key component in a commitment to competing on quality as a stratey. Our board development program has a proven track record of improving the focus and acumen of board members with respect to their role in promoting and assuring exceptional organizational quality.

Our pool of credentialed healthcare executives, organizational development experts, and practice management consultants is derived from a group of experienced adminstrators and leaders who have successfully walked the talk in other settings.

How can we assist your organization?