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The High Performing Executive Team

  • How effective is your executive team?
  • Does your executive team have the "right stuff"?
  • Do you share a common vision and have the energy to tackle the difficult tasks in your organization?
  • Are there any areas where your team just doesn't seem to work together well?
  • Do the members of your team have a common vision of quality as a competitive strategy?
  • Does your team have a blind spot that consistently decreases its leadership effectiveness?
  • Is there a succession plan for critical team members?
  • Will your team get your organization where it needs to be a year from now?

Medical care is a team sport. Even the strongest and most talented CEOs cannot do it all on their own. Yet, very few teams are able to get out of a reactive, tactical mode where they are simply reacting to the next quality mandate, the next budget crisis, or the next regulatory requirement.

Team building is one of the most neglected areas of organizational development. A high functioning, visionary and collaborative team maximizes your revenues and sharpens your ability to craft a lean organization. Time and energy spent in team development pays a handsome return on investment by locking in the highest possible performance of your critical leaders.

Our executive team development program is a strengths-based, best practice approach to making sure that you have the best people doing their best work. We use a standardized team checkup process that examines your team's current function against its theoretical best work to identify and move towards a higher level of performance.