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How Do I Get Started?

What you do next depends on how you would like us to help.

For most people, an initial telephone conference can be set up to clarify the questions you would like answered. You can begin by calling 206-543-9371 or sending an email to, and we will find a time to discuss your current situation and needs. In most cases you will have a brief conversation with one of our faculty who can answer your questions and explain the various resources and programs we offer.

Once we understand the nature of your needs, we will arrange for you to meet with local experts who will personally work with you to customize a solution to achieve your goals.

The hallmark of the Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance is its flexibility to match what you need with nationally-acclaimed, but local, resources. Not all career or institutional development problems can be solved by attending a 2-week course or flying in an expert for a brief intervention. Our goal is to serve the public's health by taking care of those who take care of the public's health by systematic, planned interventions. We are focused on our region, its healthcare leaders, and those who directly provide its healthcare.

We're here to help. Give us a call.