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How are we different?

There are a variety of individual coaches, educational programs, and consulting organizations that offer assistance for physicians and senior healthcare leaders. Why is the UW Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance unique?

  • We focus on comprehensive, integrated, and individualized development plans. Although it is possible to arrange individual coaching sessions or attend classroom-based leadership education seminars in other venues, we believe that these isolated experiences do not provide the integrated, outcomes-oriented leadership training necessary to achieve the full potential of a developing leader.
  • The program is strength- and competency-based. The National Center of Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) competency domains are a set of national consensus benchmarks that ensure that the full range of healthcare leadership skills will be assessed and developed. They include both educational and skill-based outcomes as well as a comprehensive focus on the full range of individual, interpersonal and organizational competencies of leadership. Our assessment and development processes are heavily influenced by leadership research evidence using a transformational leadership model.
  • We use valid and reliable quantitative assessment methods to construct the plan and demonstrate progress. The program employs state of the art, competency-based assessment that uses 360-degree data to measure actual performance on a full range of competencies and then applies evidence-based educational and coaching approaches to build strength in areas of opportunity. Achievement of these milestones is determined by the same measurement process.
  • Every leadership development plan is unique. Each leader has a different set of experiences and needs, and the mix of educational and coaching opportunities is customized to achieve the necessary competencies and outcomes.
  • We train to defined outcomes and return on investment. The individual training prescription combined with periodic re-assessment allows for fine tuning of the leadership development plan over time. We can help the individual client or referring organization to quantitatively determine the relative magnitude of their return on investment by illustrating the candidate's future contribution to the fiscal and quality outcomes of the organization.
  • We have resources for the full range of current performance. Whether the candidate is relatively new to leadership or a seasoned executive, we have a spectrum of experienced coaches and educators who can provide challenges and growth opportunities aligned with need. We provide intensive individual leadership development as well as consultations and resource support for groups of leaders within healthcare organizations.
  • We understand our local health care system. The value of our regional focus is the ability to understand you or your organization's individualized training needs in the context of our regional healthcare challenges. The depth of our affiliation with the UW's WWAMI medical education network assures that our training focuses on the full range of unique urban and rural challenges and workforce development issues that our leaders and physicians face in the Pacific Northwest.
  • We focus on partnership. Our training model is one of shared values and work. We believe that the strongest performance outcomes are achieved when physicians and senior leaders create inclusive, high-performance, emotionally intelligent teams which focus on patient-centered outcomes.
  • We listen to our stakeholders. Our steering committee is composed of executive leaders from several of our local healthcare systems and senior faculty of the UW. The effectiveness of our program is reviewed quarterly by this committee to ensure that we are providing state of the art leadership training to the region.
  • The Alliance connects you with a network of leadership excellence. The Alliance is a collaboration between the faculty of the University of Washington and a network of experienced coaches and educators who have already proven their expertise in transforming healthcare and their commitment to individual leadership excellence. In addition to competency-based training, our network offers services for life-balance, career development, burnout prevention and behavioral health.