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Our Leadership Development Process

So, how do we help you? Well, it depends on what you need.

Like any good intervention, we start by understanding the problem through an investigative process.

  • Are you looking to become a better leader?
  • Are you seeking a mentor or coach to help you with career issues?
  • Do you need tactical advice on improving the efficiency of your work?
  • Are you distressed or dissatisfied but not really sure why?
  • Do you simply feel that something is missing in your career and you're not sure what?

There is a way to sort this out. The Healthcare Leadership Development Alliance employs a multidimensional evaluation process that assesses the three areas most commonly associated with career satisfaction and growth: clinical leadership skills, career and life balance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Sometimes the problem is very clear, and we can get right to work on crafting a solution.

More often, it takes some reflective investigation to see what might be needed. The assessment part of the program starts with collecting information about your strengths, your challenges and what you hope for the future. It's about what you want and need to be successful, who you are, and how people see you.

We assess leadership skills using a comprehensive leadership assessment system based on the leadership domains of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL). This 360-degree competency-based assessment allows you and others who work with you to rate your performance across multiple domains of leadership and personal effectiveness to provide a baseline snapshot of your current level of performance. Your degree of career and life balance as well as interpersonal effectiveness can be measured in a similar manner by you and people whose opinions you value.

This information is collected in a confidential, web-based format where you answer questions about yourself, your particular strengths, and how you work most effectively. We also ask you to consider asking others, whose opinions you trust, to do the same for you so you not only have a summary of how you see yourself, but also a complementary view of how others see you.

We then meet with you to hear your story first hand and see how the self assessment and 360-degree feedback helps to illuminate options for the future.

The goal is to come up with a specfic career development plan that focuses on what you think are the important opportunities for your future. We can then refer you to a large resource pool of coaches, consultants, and other experts who can work with you to make this career development plan a reality.