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Dry Ice

Dry Ice is available to investigators in room R&T 620E. Please send an email to to receive access, or with any questions.


See the link below to register equipment usage for all machines on their respective online calendars. Send an email to for login information, or with questions.

Online Calendar


Histology Services are located in R&T B016. Contact Roderick Browne at 897-5415 or for more information.

Please remember to enter:

  • Your Name
  • Lab Name
  • Room Number
  • Phone Number

Real-Time PCR

An ABI Real-Time PCR ViiA 7 is located in R&T 510 and is managed by the Surgery Research Group. There is also an ABI Real-Time PCR 7900 HT in R&T 526. For information about either, please contact Anne Hocking at 897-5910 or

A Roche LightCycler is also available for use, in R&T 628. Please contact Charmie Godornes in the Lukehart lab at 897-5360 or for more information.


There is a Phosphoimager located in R&T 311, and is managed by Dr. John Neumaier's lab. Please contact a member of his lab group at 897-5803 for more information.



An Ultracentrifuge in R&T 328, is managed by the Neumaier lab.

Please contact Michelle Kelly at 897-5800 or for more information


A Confocal microscope is located in R&T B012, managed by the Zhang lab. Please contact Josh Bradner at 897-5707 or for more information.


There are two centrifuges located on the 3rd floor of NJB, COR7. A RC-6+ Single Phase and a Sorvall WX 80 Ultra.










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