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Engineering Services and Building Systems

The R&T Building is complex and has numerous mechanical systems. HMC Engineering maintains the building systems, including heating, cooling, water, plumbing, and electricity.

Process for Requesting Engineering Services:
1. Call the Engineering Front Desk at (206) 744-3191
2. Based upon the information that you provide, the person at the Front Desk will fill out a work order with you on the phone. Provide them your email address and you will receive an email notification that the work order has been received. You will also receive a notification of completion.
3. Bart Hermes will receive a copy of each work order for the R&T building, and he will follow up with the requestor promptly. If necessary, he can mobilize the necessary resources for completing the job.

After 3:30pm or on weekends:
You can leave a message for non-emergent issues. Again, you will receive an email notification upon receipt of the work order. For immediate assistance, call the hospital operator at (206) 744-3000. Tell the operator that you have an engineering emergency and they will page the Shift Engineer on duty. Someone is available 24/7.

Fill out an online work order at work_order.shtml.

Bart Hermes
Engineering Services
Phone: (206) 245-5361













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