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Identification Badges & Access Cards

Both an HMC identification badge and a R&T/NJB elevator prox card issued by Harborview Medical Center Public Safety are needed for access to upper floors in the R&T and NJB Buildings. The HMC identification badge form must be signed by the Department Administrator and the prox card form must be signed by both the Lab PI and Associate Dean, Dr. Sheila Lukehart or Building Manager, Larry Burgher.

The Public Safety Office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. They are located on the eighth floor of the main hospital.


New employees
All employees are required to have photo identification. Before new employees can receive an ID badge, they must go through the proper credentialing process done by Human Resources. Once the background check has been completed, they must bring a picture ID and completed blue access card with them to receive their ID badge.

If you have lost your ID badge or believe it has been stolen, come to the Public Safety office and we will replace your badge for a small fee.

Please visit Human Resources and get the proper paperwork to bring to our office along with a picture ID.

Photo ID badges are the property of UWMC and must be returned upon termination of employment. Each department is responsible for returning the badge to Public Safety when an employee leaves.











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