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General Building Information

For detailed building information, please click the following links:

Research & Training Building

Ninth & Jefferson Building


Materials Management

  • Acquisition of goods: All acquisitions of goods and services from UW budgets should be processed through the UW Purchasing Office (543-5810); Harborview budgets should be processed through the HMC Purchasing Department (521-1700).


Computers & Communication
Computers and PortsCommunication

Meeting & Classroom Space

Research & Training Building
Ninth & Jefferson Building


Environmental Health & Safety

UW EHS Homepage

  • Biowaste Pickup: Close large red biohazard containers when full and mark “full” on the outside.  HMC R&T Environmental Services will pickup.  The contact phone is 897-5015.

  • Hazardous Materials: Safety of the building is managed by UW Environmental Health and Safety Department.  Immediate response to hazardous situations is provided by HMC Engineering (744-3191) and Public Safety Departments (744-3193). 

  • Safety Cabinets: UW Environmental Health & Safety completes the certification of biosafety cabinets.  Contact is Jeff Forister, phone 616-5529, or email
Parking & Transportation
  • Biking: Biking to work is an alternative to busing or driving. Besides bike racks located at the front of the R&T Building and at the main entrance to the hospital, there are bike lockers available for rent. There is also bicycle storage available on level A of the new parking garage beneath the Ninth and Jefferson Building. Please contact the HMC Parking Office at (206) 744-3254 for more details.


  • Employees and those Returning Visitors choosing to drive can contact the Harborview Commuter Service for monthly access cards at (206) 744-3254 or at Their hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Helpful Transportation Information:



Health Sciences Express & South Lake Union Express

Maintenance, Repairs, and Renovations
Engineering Service
  • Repair research equipment: Repair of mobile laboratory equipment can be arranged with UW Scientific Instruments Department at 543-5580. For Shared Equipment repairs, please contact the Equipment Manager.
Safety & Security



Public Safety











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