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General Building Information

For detailed building information, please click the following links:

Research & Training Building

Ninth & Jefferson Building

Materials Management

Acquisition of goods: All acquisitions of goods and services from UW budgets should be processed through the UW Purchasing Office (206) 543-5810.

Harborview budgets should be processed through the HMC Purchasing Department (206) 521-1700.

Computers & Communication

Computers and Ports


Meeting & Classroom Space

Research & Training Building

Ninth & Jefferson Building


Environmental Health & Safety

Biowaste Pickup: Solid biohazardous waste and contaminated lab glass should be correctly packaged and sealed before placed in red biohazard bins. When the bin is 2/3 full, it should be moved into the hallway to flag it for collection. Do not tie the liner closed! Only Environmental Services custodial staff trained on DOT packaging requirements are able to do this. Please direct any questions to EHS Biosafety Officers at (206) 221-7770 or

Safety Cabinets: UW Environmental Health & Safety completes certification of biosafety cabinets. Contact Jeff Forister at (206) 616-5529, or email with questions.

UW EHS Homepage

Parking & Transportation
Biking: Biking to work is a great alternative to busing or driving. Besides bike racks located at the front of the R&T Building and at the main entrance to the hospital, there are bike lockers available for rent. There is also bicycle storage available on level A of the parking garage beneath the Ninth and Jefferson Building. Please contact the HMC Parking Office at (206) 744-3254 for more details.

Driving: Employees and those Returning Visitors choosing to drive can contact the Harborview Commuter Service office for monthly access cards at (206) 744-3254 or at Their hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.



Health Sciences Express & South Lake Union Express
Maintenance, Repairs, and Renovations

For R&T Building issues, please contact Engineering Service

Repair of mobile laboratory equipment can be arranged with the UW Scientific Instruments Department at (206) 543-5580.

For Shared Equipment repairs, please contact the Equipment Manager.
Safety & Security



Public Safety











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