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Research & Training Building

Mailing Address

US and campus mail is delivered to the HMC mailroom and should contain your HMC address (with campus box number).

Express and freight packages are delivered to the R&T loading dock and should contain your R&T room number.

Please contact Kenn Arning or Leif Eand in the HMC mailroom (206-744-5304) if you have any questions.

Address for US & Campus Mail
325 Ninth Avenue
Harborview Medical Center
Box #
Seattle, WA 98104

Delivery Address
300 Ninth Avenue
Research & Training Building
Room #
Seattle, WA 98104

(Use for Express or Freight packages)


Building Manager

Larry Burgher is the R&T Facility Coordinator and will be on-site Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact him with any service requests or questions.

Phone: (206) 897-5011

Tom Rietkerk is the SOM Facilities Asset Manager and will oversee all SOM buildings. He serves as a backup on days when Larry is not on-site.

Phone: (206) 616-9149


Receiving Dock

The Receiving Dock on the second floor of the R&T Building is managed by Harborview's Materials Management Department, with Walter Garcia as the representative on-site. Please contact him with questions or concerns regarding deliveries.

Phone: (206) 897-5031











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