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Robert Coombs, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine

The focus of Dr. Coombs’ research activity is on the pathogenesis of HIV-1 and the quantification of viral load in the setting of therapeutic clinical trials involving both adult (Dr. Ann Collier, Adult ACTG) and pediatric (Dr. Lisa Frenkel, Pediatric ACTG) HIV-1 infected subjects.  Of particular interest is validation of viral DNA and unintegrated episomal 2-LTR viral DNA as markers of infectivity when viral RNA levels are suppressed in the plasma with effective antiretroviral therapy.  Through collaborations with Dr. John Krieger (Department of Urology) and other investigators at the University of Washington (Drs. Larry Corey, Julie McElrath, Scott Brodie) and through the NICHD extramural program, a research program has been established to elucidate the shedding of HIV-1 in the male and female genital tracts and the regulation of HIV-1 shedding by CMV and immunological mechanisms (Drs. David Koelle, Michael Boeckh).  An ongoing collaboration with Dr. Connie Celum (Department of Medicine) has been established through the HIV Prevention Trials Network to investigate the effects of topical microbicides on HIV-1 detection from mucosal surface

Location: RT 706c (lab)/RT 726 (office)
Phone: (206)-897-5201














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