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Laura Houston, MS

Laura Houston

I am a research scientist in the Hoffman lab as well as lab manager. I attended graduate school at GSBS at UT-Houston, obtaining an MS in 1988. I have been a research tech at the University of Washington since 1990, and have worked in the Hoffman lab since May 2007. I do work on each of the projects listed on this website, with particular expertise in:

  1. Assessing levels of inflammatory markers and cells in sputum from CF patients
  2. Preparing sputum samples for species-specific PCR to identify microbial pathogens and also preparing them to analyze microbial product content 
  3. Analyzing biofilm formation in vitro, using mutants and antibiotics to define the mechanisms of biofilm induction, and
  4. Characterization of the effects of aminoglycosides on P. aeruginosa and S. aureus in the CF lung.

My outside interests include trail running, swimming, kayaking and reading. I also coach and teach people to run more efficiently. I can be found on a mountain trail most weekends.

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