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Poster Exhibit

Volume 1, Issue 2

Call for Posters for Student Research Review

Each spring we look forward to a poster display featuring current student work in Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture. Present your own work (whether it's a major project or just something interesting you've been working on recently) and help us make this year's exhibit, beginning in early May, the most engaging one yet. We especially need a motivated student to take on a leadership role in organizing the event. Contact us for submission guidelines or to volunteer.

Lemon: A Global HistoryLemon: a Global History

 by Toby Sonneman (Reaktion Books, 2012)
Book review by Rebecca Alexander

   I've always wondered about the warty etrog (citron, or Citrus medica) used as
part of the Jewish observance of Sukkot (etrog represents one of The Four Species mentioned in the Biblical description of this festival; the others are palm, myrtle,
and willow): what purpose did the fruit serve beyond the ritual, and how was this odd-looking fruit related to lemon? The answers to these and many other citrus-related questions may be found in Toby Sonneman's Lemon: A Global History, a volume in the Edible series from Reaktion Books (2012). It was a surprise to discover the important role of the citron (probably a wild species from northeast India) in the development of a 'citrus culture' that eventually gave rise to the lemon we use for its flavor. Citron, thick-skinned and inedible, was valued for its fragrance (mentioned in a Hindu text from before 800 B.C.E.). Its centuries-old use in Jewish ritual would eventually lead to cultivation in different parts of the world after the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 C.E., when so many Jews dispersed across North Africa, into the Aegean, Spain, and Italy. Continue reading ->

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