The Decline of the Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menziesii Pursh)

  1. Preliminary pages with Table of Contents - prelim_pp.pdf
  2. Pacific madrone plant associations of the Puget Trough, Washington - ch01_ch.pdf
  3. Tree ring analysis of Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii) - ch02_et.pdf
  4. Use of Pacific madrone by cavity-nesting birds - ch03_ra.pdf
  5. A review of Pacific madrone utilization by nesters, pollinators and frugivores - ch04_gu.pdf
  6. Some observations of madrone diseases - ch05_by.pdf
  7. Madrone problems in British Columbia - ch06_hu.pdf
  8. Diseases of Pacific madrone - ch07_el.pdf
  9. Habitat physical structure and Arbutus menziesii status in Seattle, Washington - ch08_ad.pdf
  10. Determining causes of decline of Pacific madrone in urban landscapes of the Pacific Northwest - ch09_br.pdf
  11. The propagation of Arbutus menziesii from seed - ch10_ma.pdf
  12. Nursery production of Pacific madrone - ch11_go.pdf
  13. Nursery production and landscape establishment of Arbutus menziesii - ch12_wi.pdf
  14. Tree biology and proper arboricultural treatment of Pacific madrone - ch13_co.pdf
  15. Light intensity, irrigation, and soil inoculation effects on establishment of Arbutus menziesii in urban landscapes - ch14_sh.pdf
  16. Slope stability and Arbutus menziesii:A summary of research in Magnoliz Park, Seattle, Washington - ch15_pa.pdf
  17. Possible role of mycorrhizas in resistance to decline in Arbutus menziesii - ch16_tr.pdf
  18. Biotechnological induction of rooting in Arbutus menziesii - ch17_se.pdf
  19. Arbutus menziesii and soils of the Puget Trough, Washington - ch18_ad.pdf