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I have a plant, Deppea splendens, purchased through a special offer from Pacific Horticulture. It is a native of Mexico. This year (I've had it for about 2 years) it looks very healthy and has gotten quite a bit bigger. It is supposed to flower, but it has yet to do so for me. Any answers?


Deppea splendens is such a rare (previously almost extinct) plant that none of our standard sources have any cultural information. However, there was an article written about it in the April 2000 issue of Pacific Horticulture by Kathy Musial which mentions that it needs a frost-protected spot if it is to flower. The article recommends growing it in a container in colder regions so it may be brought into a sheltered area. Overly dry conditions will also cause the flowers to abort.

Excerpts from the article are included in University of British Columbia Botanical Garden's "Botany Photo of the Day" web page.

An article in UCLA Botanical Garden provides additional information about the plant.

Keywords Mexican plants, Plant care, Deppea
Season All Season
Date 2007-12-06

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