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Verticillium wilt is making an appearance now as trees and shrubs begin to leaf out. Maple trees are especially susceptible. The sudden wilting and death of one or two branches in an otherwise healthy looking tree is the one obvious symptom. If this soil- borne disease attacked early in spring, tree branches may not have leafed out at all. Cutting into an affected branch typically reveals dark streaks. Control is difficult, but sometimes a tree can be preserved for a few years by cutting out the diseased wood and eliminating environmental stress such as drought. Make sure to disinfect pruning tools between cuts to avoid spreading the fungus. No fungicides for verticillium are registered for homeowners in Washington. For more information read Washington State University Cooperative Extension online article.

Keywords Soilborne plant diseases, Fungal diseases of plants, Verticillium, Maple
Season Spring
Created Date 2007-05-23

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