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Garden Tool Biotechnology has developed three new products to make life easier for gardeners. Depending on your definition of organic gardening these products derived from nature may even find a place with green gardeners.
  • SmartGrow is a circular woven mat made from hair fiber designed to go into the bottom of a container. The mat acts like a sponge by absorbing water and then releasing the water back to the plant as needed, reducing the amount of watering necessary. The mat comes in three sizes or as a roll for custom sizes. www.smartgrow.us
  • MegaGrow promises to make your plants grow bigger and faster by harnessing the power of gibberellic acid, a naturally occurring plant hormone that regulates growth. www.megagrow.com
  • Employ, a reformulation of the previously-available product Messenger, acts as a plant immunity booster stimulating the plant's natural defenses. The active ingredient is a protein extracted from harmful plant bacteria. When the protein is sprayed on plants, the plant reacts as if it is under attack from disease and mounts a defense. This translates into better growth and stress-resistance. Endorsed by the American Rose Society, spraying the non-toxic Employ may become another chore, like spreading mulch, that helps plants grow better. www.gardenthings.com
Keywords Plant growth promoting substances, Gibberellins, Fertilizers
Season All Season
Created Date 2007-04-03

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