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Garden Tool Most gardeners, at one time or another, attempt to get a garden design down on paper. Those of us lacking drawing skills often find the exercise yields disappointing results. We may be tempted to buy design software, but the good programs cost hundreds of dollars and have a high learning curve. Before investing in an expensive program try a simplistic, but free version from the BBC Gardening. The program works best if it is downloaded and used offline, rather than running from a browser window. The templates and tutorials get you going, while 3-D viewing allows you to "walk around" the garden. The main benefit from this program is having a chance to try out different designs without spending a dime. Remember, you get what you pay for! I could find no way to print either the plant list or the design. But it is fun.
Keywords Software, Planting design, Garden design
Season Winter
Created Date 2006-08-29

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