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Garden Tool Having a hard time supporting your plant habit? Or maybe you rent your house and don't want to invest money in a garden you may leave in a few years? You could get a part time job at a nursery where you'll receive a discount on plants and get first dibs on the many scrappy-looking plants that end up in the dumpster. Or, you could read one of these fine books:

Plants for Free: how to create a great garden for next-to-nothing by Sharon Amos (Time-Life, $16.95) focuses on simple propagation methods and includes a mini encyclopedia of plants that are easy to divide or start from seed or that root from cuttings. Self-sowing annuals are featured, including Pot Marigold, Lady's Mantle, Honesty and Rose Campion.

The Frugal Gardener: how to have more garden for less money by Catriona Tudor Erler (Rodale, out of print, but available used online) also teaches about propagation in addition to chapters on soil, cutting maintenance costs, and budget design. The chapter on cost-conscious garden projects gives detailed instructions on building pathways, rustic trellis and PVC pergola.

Frugal Tip: Create mini-greenhouses for frost tender plants in the spring by wrapping a wire tomato cage with clear plastic punched with a few holes for ventilation.

Online articles on budget gardening:

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Created Date 2007-06-08

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