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By Thanksgiving most leaves have fallen off deciduous trees. Some people feel a strong desire or obligation to prune when they see these naked trees. If you're one of these people remember that most trees and shrubs don't require regular pruning, other than to remove dead, dying or diseased branches. However, if some correction or thinning is necessary arm yourself with one of the excellent pruning books:

  • Cass Turnbull's Guide to Pruning: What, When, Where & How to Prune for a More Beautiful Garden (Sasquatch, $17.95) - Turnbull demystifies pruning with humor and helpful diagrams.
  • The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers by George Brown (Timber, $29.95) - This classic reference work has been revised and enlarged by Tony Kirkham to reflect recent advancements in pruning; it includes a plant by plant guide to special considerations.
  • An Illustrated Guide to Pruning by Edward Gilman (Delmar, $26.25) - A text book for professionals or serious gardeners, this book includes information on training young trees and has many illustrations.
Keywords Pruning trees, Pruning
Season Fall
Created Date 2007-04-03

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