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Treat fallen leaves like the resource they are. Under the dripline of a tree, let leaves lay where they fall so nature can recycle the nutrients back to the tree. Yes, the leaves may kill the grass, but tree roots don't like the competition from grass anyway. Outside of the dripline shred leaves with your lawnmower. Mixed in with grass clippings the shredded leaves will break down fairly fast and feed the lawn.

Still feel compelled to rake those leaves? Fill a few black plastic garbage bags, add a shovel-full of soil and then stash the bags for about 9 months. You'll be rewarded with what the British refer to as "leaf mould." Use leaf mould as mulch or as an earth-friendly substitute for peat moss. Stash the bags under the deck or porch or even under the shrubbery. Just mark your calendar for next July so you don't forget. If individual leaves can still be recognized wait a few more months or use it as a mulch around perennials. For a good article on leaf mould go to the Irish Peatland Conservation Council

Keywords Leaves, Mulching
Season Fall
Created Date 2007-04-03

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