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Directory of Recommended Links

Plant Selection

All Things Plants
A community for gardeners with a forum for discussion and asking questions and an extensive database of plants with photos. Registered members can create blogs and list what plants they have to share or want to acquire. You can also listen to regular podcasts from site owners and avid gardeners Dave and Trish. This site will get you through the winter and let you share your gardening passion with like minded folk.

Andersen Horticultural Library's Plant Information Online
Plant Information Online is the largest online database covering currently cultivated plants of North America. Included here are current North American nursery suppliers for over 100,000 plants, almost 400,000 citations to current plant science literature, a meta search engine of horticultural websites and listings for more than 1000 North American seed and nursery firms.

BBC's Plant Finder
An encyclopedia of plants that allows searching by common or botanical name or search by selecting attributes such as foliage color or soil type.

Bellevue Botanical Gardens Waterwise Garden
Map and plant list for a garden of low water use plants in the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Cal Poly UFEI SelecTree
A tree selection guide from Cal Poly Urban Forests Ecosystems Institute including trees native to CA and elsewhere. Allows search by characteristics and mentions general root growth tendencies for many trees that grow in the PNW. Although this service is based in California it provides considerable practical information for all regions about many tree species and their suitability in urban environments.

Choosing the Right Plants
This Seattle Public Utilities site includes links to pdf files for choosing the right plant for the right place and a plant list for the Pacific Northwest.

Drought Tolerant Plants
Plant selection advice from WSU Cooperative Extension.

Dry Profusion; An experiment in drought tolerance settles for nothing less than lush.
Description of a drought-tolerant garden near Seattle by Valerie Easton in the Seattle Times.

will help you locate that rose you're looking for. They have information for over 6,100 varieties and species, many with sources.

Fine Gardening's Plant Guide
A simple search gives access to over a thousand plant descriptions, many with photos and readers' opinions. Or browse by many different categories, such as variegated foliage, flower color and height.

Great Plant Picks for the Northwest
The Great Plant Picks program is a new plant awards program designed to help the home gardener identify foolproof plants for their Pacific Northwest garden.The program is targeted at gardeners in the maritime Pacific Northwest. This includes gardens north of Eugene, Oregon; southern British Columbia; and west of the Cascade Mountains.

Landscape USA's Plant Encyclopedia and Dictionary
Search for a selection of plants by zone, exposure type, water needs, plant type (shrub, tree, etc.), soil type, OR by common or botanical name if you want to look up one you know by name. Photographs accompany descriptions.

My Garden Guide's Plant Encyclopedia
The My Garden Guide Plant Encyclopedia is one of the largest and most complete digital plant libraries available online with over 38,000 unique plant listings, plant care sheets and thousands of plant images. You can search by any number of options including scientific name, common name, and plant category.

No shortage of ways to deal with the trickle effect.
Tips on plant selection and irrigation for Pacific Northwest gardens. An article by Marty Wingate.

Plants Are Thirsty in Dry Summer
Watering tips for specific plants from WSU Cooperative Extension.

Plants for a Future Species Database
The Plants for a Future Species Database contains details of over 7000 plants, all of which are either edible, have medicinal properties or have some other use such as fibers, oils or soaps. For each plant the database contains details of the uses of the plants, as well as information of the environment it will grow in and cultivation details.

Plants for Dry Days
Drought-tolerant plant selection advice from WSU Cooperative Extension.

Plants have to be tough to hang out on the streets.
Plant selection for planting strips. A Seattle P.I. article by Marty Wingate.

Royal Horticultural Society (UK) Plant Selector

Saving Water Partnership
A Service of Seattle and participating area water utilities, with practical information on improving soil and choosing the right plants.

Seattle Public Utilities Natural Lawn & Garden Care

Seattle Street Tree Planting Procedures
The City of Seattle encourages the planting of trees along public streets. Trees must be planted to standards outlined on this website. Lists of recommended trees, graded by size, and prohibited trees are linked from this site.

Sturdy Landscape Plants for Dry Times
Drought-tolerant plant selection from WSU Cooperative Extension.

The Organic Garden: A dry garden can be lush and water-wise.
Plant selection for the low water-use garden. A Seattle P.I. article by Ann Lovejoy.

The Plant List by the Saving Water Partnership
A listing of plants with various water requirements.

Trees are Good
Sponsored by the International Society of Arboriculture, this site offers factsheets on tree care and selection as well as a database for finding professional arborists anywhere in the world.

WSU Grant/Adams Counties Master Gardener Drought Tolerant Demonstration Garden
Plant list with pictures for this demonstrations garden.

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