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Keywords: Nurseries

PAL Question:

Is there a print or online resource for locating plants (places where they are sold)?

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You can search the Andersen Horticultural Library's Plant Information Online. But be aware that they only include a selection of nurseries (those who post their inventory online). Most local nurseries are not included, as their inventory changes too frequently. You can also search using your favorite search engine for the name of the plant you are seeking plus the word nursery. This will not give you any clues, however, as to the reputation of the nurseries which show up in your search results. The website of Dave's Garden does have a forum of nursery reviews (called Garden Watchdog) you can consult.

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Date 2007-09-21
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Keywords: Nurseries, Catalogs

PAL Question:

Where can I find a list of foreign nursery catalogs?

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We have many foreign nursery catalogs at the Miller Library, as well as a list of what we have. Call us at 206-543-0415 or 206-897-5268 (every day but Sunday) and we can fax you the list. Or stop by and look at the catalogs. Library hours and directions to get here can be found here .

In addition, the Royal Horticultural Society has a plant finder online. Go to this link and follow the instructions. You can either search by plant or by nursery (name, region, or specialty).

The commercial website Dave's Garden has a section on mail-order gardening and nursery catalogs, including some foreign ones.

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Date 2008-01-17
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Keywords: Nurseries

Garden Tool: In wintertime a gardener's mailbox is overflowing with nursery catalogs. Ordering plants through the mail greatly increases the variety of plants to choose from, but also carries some risk. Is the company reputable? What if the plants are low quality? Lower that risk by reading customer opinions of the mail-order nursery in question. The free database at Garden Watchdog lists over 3,000 garden related vendors where customers can submit compliments, complaints or warnings. Businesses can respond to complaints to give their side of the story. This site can also be used to find all the nurseries that sell products in a certain category, like bulbs or hand tools.

Season: Winter
Date: 2007-04-03
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