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Keywords: Urban horticulture, Tree seedlings

We are planning to have a 'green' wedding, and thought about giving baby trees to our guests as favors, as a way of giving a gift that will leave an environmental legacy. Do you know of any sources?


I have had several questions like yours in the past, and I usually recommend substituting flower or vegetable seed packets, or perennials (including edible plants like herbs) for saplings. Many of the saplings available are conifers which mature into large trees--often too large for smaller home gardens, unless the residents intend to make them into bonsai specimens. Summer is probably the most labor-intensive time to plant a tree, because of the greater need for irrigation. That being said, there are numerous companies which market 'baby trees' (seedlings) as gifts. Here are just two examples:
Tree in a Box
Green World Project

If you want a green gift which is sustainable, I recommend giving low-maintenance perennial plants which have a high likelihood of survival even in a small home garden or apartment balcony. Another alternative is to donate an amount to an organization that reforests or restores natural areas, and then provide a certificate to each guest saying that a tree has been planted to mark the occasion of your wedding. See links to various organizations that take donations below:
American Forests
Arbor Day Foundation
The Heifer Project

Date 2017-04-14
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