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Could you provide some information on the propagation and division of Dierama (not sure if the species I have is D. pendulum or D. pulcherrimum. It has pink flowers and is also known as Angel's Fishing Rod)? The clump has gotten large and I'd like to see if I can divide it now in fall.


The Royal Horticultural Society has an advice page on how to divide and propagate Dierama.
Named cultivars can be propagated by division in spring or immediately after flowering; but this should only be undertaken occasionally as plants are slow to re-establish. Plants grow from corms that build up year by year into chains, similar to Crocosmia.

  • Lift plants and separate corms, reducing the foliage by half with secateurs.
  • Take care not to damage the brittle, fleshy roots.
  • Divisions take one to two years to flower freely again.
  • For an answer from local experts, I consulted Perennials: The Gardener's Reference by Carter, Becker, and Lilly (Timber Press, 2007). The authors say that "it's best not to transplant, divide, or groom in the fall." Instead, if you must divide, do so in April or May and include several corms in each clump. You can also sow ripe seed at that time. Seed may be harvested by shaking the stems.

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    Date 2016-11-17
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