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PAL Question:

I've been trying to contact someone about growing cascading mums in the Pacific NW. I'm wondering if this region is appropriate to start a new hobby for myself. Is there a group (or individual) that you could refer me to?


There is a chapter of the National Chrysanthemum Society in Washington State. This link provides contact information for the WA chapter.

In my research about cascading chrysanthemums, I learned that the major species used is Chrysanthemum x morifolium, also known as Florists' Chrysanthemum. According to the Sunset Western Garden Book, this type of chrysanthemum will grow in Sunset zones 2-24; Seattle is zone 5.

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Date 2016-08-12
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Keywords: Mutation, Chrysanthemum

PAL Question:

I was puttering around in my flower garden and discovered a chrysanthemum that has apparently sported. The same plant has one substantial stem with distinctly different colored flowers. I have never read of this happening before. It is doubtful it is anything but a different color but hey it happened in my garden.


"In common with many other plants the Chrysanthemum occasionally produces a mutation or change called a "sport." This is a variation from the normal for a particular variety. The cells of the part or parts affected change and cause the difference. While this can occur in any part of the plant or bloom, the most noticeable is a change of flower colour. You may for example find that a white-flowered variety has changed to yellow and this can be of any degree from a stripe in one petal to a whole flower, or even the whole plant being affected. Cuttings taken from a whole plant sport are likely to stay the new colour. Where a whole bloom sport occurs they would probably need to be taken from the stem concerned. If only a petal or two, the chances of fixing it are rather slim."
Source: A Plantsman's Guide to Chrysanthemums, b y J. Woolman, 1989, p. 115).

So it is fairly normal, but interesting anyway!

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Date 2016-05-28
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Keywords: Chrysanthemum

Garden Tool: Chrysanthemums are at their peak in autumn and will brighten an otherwise gloomy fall day. For a change, try growing one of the single flower varieties like 'Mary Stoker' golden yellow fading to peachy pink or 'Apricot' a warm pink color. The National Chrysanthemum Society publishes free article on Chrysanthemum care on its web site and a quarterly journal as a benefit of membership. Annual dues are $20.00 per year. Contact Galen Goss, Secretary, 10107 Homar Pond Dr. Fairfax Station, VA 22039-1650 or go to www.mums.org.

Chrysanthemum coronarium is an edible annual known as Shungiku in Japanese cuisine. Sow seeds in spring as you would lettuce and harvest leaves about 4-5 weeks later. The flowers are also edible, but only the petals taste good.

Season: All Season
Date: 2006-10-23
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Keywords: Symphyotrichum, Perennials--Care and maintenance, Rudbeckia, Lilium (Lily family), Helenium, Delphinium, Crocosmia, Chrysanthemum

Garden Tool:

Many of the daisy-like flowers such as Rudbeckia, Helenium, Symphyotrichum, and Chrysanthemum will form a mass of flowers that will eventually topple over the edge of the beds. While a cascade of color can be attractive spilling over the edge, it looks very unsightly when you expose the brown bare centers of the plants. It is best to stake these plants as a group or clump. Tall perennials with large flowers like Lilium, Delphinium, Crocosmia, and Dahlia will benefit from individual stakes.

Season: Summer
Date: 2007-07-13
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