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Keywords: Pruning shrubs, Shrubs--Care and maintenance, Calluna, Erica

How do I care now, in the fall, for very well established, huge (in some cases) Callunas? Do they get sheared? If so, how many times a year, and how far back? Also, how do I prune my heaths?


The American Horticultural Society Pruning and Training Manual, ed. by C. Brickell, 1996, p. 183, 193 recommends pruning Calluna (heather) in the same way as Erica cinerea. Prune or trim lightly in early spring, cutting stems back where possible to strong shoots below the spent flower cluster.

Local pruning expert Cass Turnbull of Plant Amnesty says the following about heaths and heathers (Erica and Calluna) in her Guide to Pruning (Sasquatch Books, 2006): "Spring bloomers are sheared shortly after blooming (in the spring). Summer/fall bloomers are also sheared in the early spring (just as new growth starts), so that the attractive seed heads are left in view all winter. An annual light shearing is all that is needed. Don't wait. Do it now before the plants get too old and woody. When cut too far into old brown, barren branches, a plant may not break bud and green back up. If you have inherited a mature yard, it may be necessary to severely prune an old neglected heather. It will either regenerate or die. Probably the latter. An exception is the tree heath, Erica arborea, which (...) responds well to radical renovation."

For further information, consult the following websites of nurseries specializing in these plants:
Heaths and Heathers
Dayton Nursery

Date 2017-05-11
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Plant Answer Line Question

Keywords: Limonium, Helichrysum, Skimmia, Elaeagnus, Echinops, Alstroemeria, Callicarpa, Calluna, Aster, Lavandula, Achillea, Quercus, Viburnum, Dahlia, Cotoneaster, Acer

My son and his sweetheart are planning a wedding in Seattle (my hometown) this coming September and would love to use seasonal flowers and greenery. I have not lived in the area for many years and am at a loss. Can you give us some suggestions please?


Here are some of the plants which are available in September: Achillea (Yarrow)
Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily)
Callicarpa bodinieri (beautyberry)
Cotoneaster (for foliage)
Elaeagnus (foliage)
Hebe (flowers and foliage)
Helichrysum (straw flower)
Acer (Maple: foliage)
Quercus (Oak: foliage)
Limonium (Statice)
Viburnum tinus

Here is a link to the Washington Park Arboretum web page of seasonal highlights.

A great book on flowers by season is A Year Full of Flowers: Fresh Ideas to Bring Flowers into Your Life Every Day by Jim McCann and Julie McCann Mulligan.

Date 2017-12-08
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Garden Tip

Keywords: Calluna, Erica

This time of year gardeners appreciate the color and good looks of heaths and heathers. Most heather species prefer sun, acid soil and some supplemental summer water. To learn more about heathers join the Cascade Heather Society. For a $5.00 yearly membership, you will receive three color newsletters per year. To join, mail a check to Alice Knight, Secretary-Treasurer, 1199 Monte Elma Rd. Elma, WA 98541-9038.

To learn more about the many different heath and heather varieties and how to grow them go online to: The Heather Society (British).

Date: 2006-03-01
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